Lasko Metal Products was founded in 1906 by Mr. Henry Lasko in Philadelphia. Over the years, the product line was adapted to capture changing consumer needs.

As America moved to the suburbs in the mid-20th century, Lasko expanded into small appliances, fans and household portable heaters. From there, company growth continued and American manufacturing locations expanded to Tennessee and Texas where production continues today.

Designed, developed, and engineered in the US, Lasko products are intelligent and distinctly improved. Lasko has been engineering and building great-looking, high performance home comfort products in the U.S. and around the world for more than 100 years. With three manufacturing locations in the US, and six in the PRC, Lasko has the flexibility that is required to stay competitive.

Lasko continues its growth and leadership in home comfort and convenience products, and maintains the entrepreneur sprit and created atmosphere required for innovation. After many years of success, Lasko Products began to expand their innovative and high quality products to a global market.
Better Quality, Better Performance, Better Style, Real Value.