Model Number - 100

MyHeat® Personal Heater

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MyHeat ® Personal Heater – Model 100

Energy efficiency is the driving force behind the My Heat personal heater. The small size of this unit allows it to be used on a desk or table, or below a desk or table. The low power ceramic element heat output produces only the heat where it is needed. The patented aesthetic design is smooth, simple and uncluttered, the perfect fit for any room or office. Simple, no nonsense heat where you need it in a pleasing aesthetic.

  • Smaller Size for Personal Warmth
  • Spot Heat where you need it
  • Overheat Protection
  • V-0 Plastic Housing
  • Cool Touch Housing
  • Product Weight :
    0.62 kg
    1.37 lbs
  • Ship Weight :
    0.73 kg
    1.61 lbs
  • Product Dimension (LxBxH):
    9.70cm x 10.92cm x 15.53cm
    3.817" x 4.3" x 6.113"
  • Box Dimensions (LxBxH):
    10.90cm x 14.60cm x 17.80cm
    4.291" x 5.748" x 7.008"
  • MOQ:
  • Country of Origin: